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It is possible to tell a lot about a person’s culture and character from clothes


You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Present a written argument or case to an educated reader with no specialist knowledge.

Write about the following topic:

In recent years, many small local shops have closed because customers travel to large shopping centres or malls to do their shopping. Is this a positive or a negative development?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer:

In recent years, the closure of many small local shops due to customers flocking to large shopping centres or malls has sparked a debate on whether this is a positive or negative development. While there are valid arguments on both sides, I believe that this trend has more negative implications for the community as a whole.

On one hand, the rise of large shopping centres and malls can be seen as a positive development for consumers. These establishments often offer a wider variety of products and services, as well as the convenience of having everything in one location. Additionally, they may provide job opportunities and contribute to the local economy. However, these benefits come at a cost.

The closure of small local shops has a detrimental impact on the community. These businesses are often the heart and soul of a neighborhood, providing a sense of community and personalized service that cannot be replicated by large retailers. Furthermore, their closure can lead to unemployment and a decline in the local economy. Small businesses also tend to support other local businesses, creating a ripple effect that benefits the entire community.

Moreover, the shift towards large shopping centres and malls can contribute to urban sprawl and environmental degradation. These establishments often require large amounts of land and resources, leading to increased traffic congestion, pollution, and loss of natural habitats. On the other hand, small local shops are typically more sustainable and contribute to the unique character of a neighborhood.

In conclusion, the closure of small local shops in favor of large shopping centres or malls is a negative development for the community. While the convenience and variety offered by large retailers are undeniable, the loss of small businesses has far-reaching implications for the local economy, environment, and sense of community. It is crucial for consumers to recognize the value of supporting small businesses and for policymakers to implement measures to preserve and promote them. Only by doing so can we ensure the vitality and diversity of our communities.

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