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The world has seen an enormous increase in flights for leisure


You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Present a written argument or case to an educated reader with no specialist knowledge.

Write about the following topic:

The world has seen an enormous increase in flights for leisure, business and commercial purposes around the world over recent years. What do you think are the main advantages and disadvantages of such flights? Do you think flights should be taxed more?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer:

In recent years, the global aviation industry has experienced a significant surge in the number of flights for various purposes such as leisure, business, and commercial activities. While this trend has its own set of advantages, it also comes with certain drawbacks. In this essay, I will discuss the main advantages and disadvantages of increased flights and provide my perspective on whether flights should be taxed more.

One of the main advantages of the increased number of flights is the boost it provides to the global economy. The aviation industry creates numerous job opportunities and contributes to the growth of tourism and trade. Additionally, flights have made it easier for people to travel internationally, fostering cultural exchange and understanding among different nations. Moreover, businesses benefit from the ease of conducting international operations and expanding their reach to global markets.

However, the rise in flights has also led to several disadvantages. The environmental impact of increased air travel cannot be ignored, as it contributes to air and noise pollution, and is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, the strain on airport infrastructure and air traffic control systems has led to congestion and delays, impacting the overall efficiency of air travel.

As for the question of whether flights should be taxed more, I believe that imposing higher taxes on flights could be a potential solution to mitigate the negative impacts of air travel. By levying higher taxes on flights, governments can generate revenue to invest in sustainable aviation technologies and infrastructure, as well as fund environmental conservation efforts. Additionally, higher taxes could also encourage individuals and businesses to consider alternative modes of transportation or to reduce unnecessary air travel.

In conclusion, while the increase in flights has brought about several benefits, it is important to address the negative consequences associated with it. Imposing higher taxes on flights could potentially help mitigate the environmental impact and fund sustainable solutions for the aviation industry. It is imperative for governments, aviation authorities, and stakeholders to work together to strike a balance between the advantages and disadvantages of increased air travel.

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