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Describe your first day at school

Cue Card # Describe your first day at work or the place where you study.

=> Describe your first day at school

You should say:

  •   what kind of building it was located in
  •   why it was important for you to work/study there
  •   how you felt at the end of the first day

and explain if you were pleased or disappointed with the experience.

Model Answer 1:

Experiencing the first day at work, or where one studied for the first time can always be a unique one. I don’t think that I will be able to remember the experience of studying at a place where I studied for the first time, because it was a long time ago, but I can certainly remember my first day at work at my current job.

I will start with the description of what kind of building it was located in. My first impression of the building was that it was a rather tall building even though it had only 10 storeys. I think I felt like that, probably, because most of the other buildings around it were not more than 5 or 6 storeys. Occupying the entire floor, which was no less than 3000 square feet in size, my IT firm was located on the 3rd floor. The building has both the stairs and lift facilities even though I felt that the stairs were just a bit too stiff to climb for a regular person.

The great thing about the building was that each of its floors was fully equipped with fire extinguishing tools, and they all had large windows to allow enough natural light and air. Built with a rather simple architectural plan, this building was closed to a busy commercial area, and it was painted with a cream colour. My office was also fully equipped with all kind of modern facilities. However, regardless of the building, it was important for me to work there because I was offered a full-time job there, and a good one in that.

Anyway, at the end of my first day at work in that building, I felt like it was a perfect facility to work in because the overall working environment there was really nice.

I was pleased with my first-day work experience in that building. It was a modern facility with all kinds of amenities, and it offered a nice working environment, with very limited noise from the activities and commotion outside of the building.

Sample Answer 2:

I am currently working in a company and I still remember the first day of my job. This is my second job and I have worked for the first company for about 2 years. After I finished my graduation I applied to some companies and was interviewed by them. One day I got a call from the HR head of the company that, I have been hired and expected to join them from the next Sunday. I was very excited and happy to get the job.

I did my preparation part to start the office and reached the office 30 minutes earlier. The office was in a 10 story building and the office was on the 6th floor. They had more than 90 employees. This was a modern building with a big yard in front of it.

Then I contacted the HR head and submitted my academic and other relevant documents. The HR asked me to sit on a couch and after 30 minutes or so, he returned. In the meantime, I noticed other employees arrived and went to their work desks. Most of them looked at me and one person asked me if I am waiting for someone. I explained that I was joining from that day and he congratulated me. I was feeling a little bit nervous and noticed that my heart was beating faster! The messenger came to me and offered me a cup of coffee. After the HR head came back, he gave 2-3 forms including the contact papers and asked me to read them all and fill up the forms. I read the papers and filled up the forms and gave them to the HR Manager. He then took me to some of the key employees and introduced me to them. Then he showed me my desk and I sat over there. Since this was the first day of my office, I did not have any particular task. I started feeling easy after I sat on the desk and started using the computer. The computer was pre-configured and I went through the company website and learned lots of new information about their service and product offerings.

I took my lunch in a nearby cafeteria and came back to my desk again. Thus the clock ticked to 5:30 pm and I noticed others were leaving. I asked the HR Manager and left with some of the employees.

I felt very comfortable at the end of the day and the hesitation I had has been removed and I was happy for the reason that the office environment and colleagues were very friendly.

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Describe your first day at school
Describe your first day at school

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