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Soon people who cannot work with computers will be disadvantaged. To what extent do you agree or

Soon people who cannot work with computers will be disadvantaged. To what extent do you agree or disagree with idea?

Sample Answer:

In today’s digital age, the ability to work with computers has become increasingly important in various aspects of life, including education, employment, and daily tasks. While it is true that computer literacy can provide individuals with numerous advantages, I disagree with the idea that those who cannot work with computers will be severely disadvantaged in the near future.

Firstly, it is undeniable that computer skills are beneficial in the modern world. Many job opportunities now require at least a basic understanding of computer operations, and proficiency in using various software and applications can significantly enhance productivity in the workplace. Additionally, access to information and resources is largely facilitated by the internet, making computer literacy essential for academic and personal research. Therefore, individuals who are proficient in working with computers may have a competitive edge in certain areas.

However, it is important to recognize that not everyone needs to be highly skilled in using computers to succeed. There are still numerous professions and industries that do not heavily rely on computer technology. For instance, jobs in the construction, healthcare, and service sectors often prioritize practical skills and hands-on experience over computer proficiency. Moreover, there are individuals, particularly the elderly and those in rural or underprivileged communities, who may have limited access to technology and yet lead fulfilling lives without being significantly disadvantaged.

In conclusion, while computer literacy is undoubtedly advantageous in today’s society, I believe that the idea of people who cannot work with computers being severely disadvantaged is an exaggeration. There will always be a diversity of skills and talents valued in different fields, and the ability to adapt and learn new technologies should not be the sole determinant of an individual’s success.

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