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Travel – IELTS Speaking Part 3 Follow Up Question

Question: Why do some people prefer to travel abroad rather than in their own country?

Answer: I reckon there are two possible reasons for this matter. The first one is that they want to experience exotic cultures. Another possible reason is that they want to show off how happy they are to have a relaxing life so that people around them are green with envy. I suppose that the first one is decent and should be encouraged while the second one is comical.

Question: Do you think travelling to another country can change the way people think?

Answer: Yes, it can, more or less, especially when the picture you keep in your mind about that country is misrepresented. For example, Eastern women often think that all Western men are gallant, and if they have a chance to go west, they will be let down, surely. Conversely, if you travel to a country with the same culture as yours, I don’t think you’ll gain anything new.

Question: Do you think it is good for children to experience life in foreign country?

Answer: It depends on how long they experience life there. Being exposed to a new culture is always beneficial, but how beneficial it is is a horse of a different colour. Children, in general, are too young to gain much from staying overseas. Also, as they are too young, if they live abroad long enough, they will lose their motherland’s culture, sooner or later.

Question: How have holidays changed over the last few decades?

Answer: In many ways. First, the availability of new modern forms of transport has enabled people to go further than in the past. Second, tourists nowadays are provided with the best service than ever before. And third, the number of holiday-makers is on the rise because life quality, on the whole, has been improved.

Question: Do you think it is safer to travel now than in the past?

Answer: Sure, it is. There used to be many traffic catastrophes in the past due to low level of technology. But people have drawn much experience from those and have improved safety standard. Second, people are better-taken care of thanks to the development of tourism in comparison with the past when travellers didn’t have a decent place to stay and hygiene food to eat.

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