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Difficulties of Using New Products – IELTS Speaking Part 3 Follow Up Questions with Answers

IELTS Speaking Part 3 Follow Up Questions.
Topic: Difficulties of Using New Products

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1. What type of products is difficult to use at first?
Goods and products are manufactured for different kinds of people and customers. Some may find it difficult to handle hi-tech machines while some may find everyday use gadgets in the kitchen difficult to be handled. Generally, products with too many functions and buttons are difficult.

2. Do you think it is necessary to follow the fashion and use the latest products?
I would answer yes and no both to this question. Yes! it is good to be up-to-date with the current trends and use new products. One has to change with the changing times and fashion. No, because the times today are changing very fast and it is very difficult to keep pace with every changing gadget So we should be abreast with the current trends, if not the latest.

3. Do you believe that some products are over publicized?
Yes, it is an era of advertisement and publicity. Anything that is not advertised, slowly fades away from memory, like they say… out of sight out of mind. When we watch some television programs these days, the intermittent advertisements are repeated again and again and again. So, in terms of competition with each other nothing is too much. Sometimes we get fed up with over publicity but that is the trick a company plays on human mind.

4. Why do you think advertisements are useful for selling products?
There is a whole lot of research and creativity that is behind making an advertisement. If a product is for the children then the advertisements are made in such a manner that a child pesters his parents on buying that particular brand. Hence the target is achieved. in the case of women’s beauty products, the most impeccably beautiful women are projected and women fall in for that particular product, and again the goal is met. So an advertisement is the most useful method of boosting the sale of any product.

5. Which do you think is better buying things online on buying things in real shops?
Both methods offer their own advantages and disadvantages. When we buy something online it saves time. It also saves fuel moreover it is also economically beneficial as well as it is an eco-friendly method. There are also so many discounts offers when we purchase online because online stores don’t have too many employees and they don’t need a shop or a showroom. On the other hand, certain things like shoes, need to be bought after trying them properly.

6. How do people pay for things they buy online?
There as many payment methods for online shopping. In many cases, there is an option of cash on delivery, when you pay to the person who Delivers the parcel at home. Mobile applications like Google pay and Paytm are popular in India. One can also make a payment directly from the bank’s debit or a credit card. So anyone who purchases something online opts for the method that is convenient to him or her.

7. Why are imported products more expensive than locally made products?
Well now the times have changed. It is not necessary that the indigenous products are cheaper than the imported ones. The Chinese goods are cheaper in India than many of the Indian counterparts. Many times the price of a product depends on its quality and quantity. Imported products are transported overseas through air or containers by the sea route so the cost increases and on many products, there is an import duty when they reach the destination country.

8. What do you think of those people who only buy expensive things and look down on other people?
We are living in a consumeristic society. The modern generation is very brand conscious. At times the price of a product is not justified because it is too expensive but the price tag comes with the brand name. Many people do not like Street shopping and they demean people who do not purchase branded products. I think these people live in an artificial world.

A product you bought that was difficult to use in the beginning

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