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A celebration you had as a result of an achievement

You should say:

  • What was the achievement
  • When it happened
  • How did you celebrate
  • How you felt about it.

Sample Answer 1:
I have had several memorable moments in my life. But there is one occasion which I will always cherish for my entire life and that is when I got 92% marks in my senior secondary exams. This achievement is special to me for two reasons.

First is the hardships that I went through just before the exam. Two months before the exams I fractured my left leg and could not go to my coaching classes. So I did all the study at home on my own and I am glad that my hard work paid off.

And the second reason is the celebration which I had after achieving this feat. Actually the whole thing was planned by my family and they kept it as a surprise till the last moment. I was not aware of any such event and they really succeeded to keep this whole event as a secret from me. My result came out on Wednesday and on Friday my father said that all of us are going for shopping to get some basic stuff for the home.

So we left at around 6:30 pm in the evening and I had no inkling what was to ensue. I was surprised when our car entered one of the most popular restaurants in our city and my father parked the car there and told us to come out of the car. I was really confused and asked my father that why had we come here and he told me that he had a brief meeting with one of his friends after which they would leave to do their shopping. So all of us entered the restaurant and followed my father who walked towards a room titled family hall.

That particular moment still flashes in my mind, the moment we entered the room the whole room lit up and for a moment I could not see anything. Then gradually things started to sink in and I could see all our close relatives, my friends and their parents in the family hall. All of them were shouting congratulations to me and when I looked at my father I could see the pride in his eyes with a small tear. Then I realized that this whole event had been planned by my family to celebrate my achievement of scoring 92% marks.

There was a cake as well with a candle in the shape of number 92 on top of it. All my relatives came to me and congratulated me and told me how proud they were of me. My friends’ parents also said the same thing to me and said that they were glad that their children had a friend like me to whom they could look up to. That was the proudest moment of my life and by the look on the faces of my parents, I could say that for them as well it was one of the best moments of their lives. That day I realized the real importance of my family and thanked God for blessing me with such great parents.

Sample Answer 2:
Thank you for this topic card. I’m really delighted to have this card because just a couple of weeks ago I celebrated a special achievement in my life by arranging a party. I’m going to talk about it now.

It was my job promotion celebration. I work for a multinational company which works in several countries around the world. Recently, I have been promoted from Junior Account Officer to Senior Account Officer. I was hopeful about it as my boss informed me a couple of months ago about the possibility of getting a promotion soon. I was delighted when he gave me the news and wished me personally. I have a very close bond with my colleagues and my boss and I felt honored and delighted to get the news.

I got this promotion after attending a special promotion exam where I achieved the highest mark. There was also a survey on the 2-year performance in the Accounts Department which was conducted by the Headquarter of our company. I procured second place there too.  As a result, it was quite obvious that I would get my well-expected promotion and my colleagues told me to be sure about it. When I got my promotion letter I talked to my parents about throwing the party and decided that I would celebrate this achievement at my house. I contacted one of the local party organizing clubs and hired them to decorate and manage the party. I invited all my colleagues, my close friends and some of my relatives.

On the party day evening, I and my family members dressed accordingly and started waiting for everyone to join us. The party was arranged in the large garden beside my house. The garden area looked very beautiful for the decoration work. My parents love the green color very much and the place was decorated according to their tasteful choice. It also looked really natural. The environment of the evening was cool with a gentle breeze and it offered a natural view.

The people who attended the party were mostly familiar to me. Most of them were my close relatives like uncles and aunties’ families. I met some of my cousins whom I had met a long time ago. Many of them were of my age and we literally screamed when we met after such a long time. Nobody mind about it because my family was excited too. I also met many of my colleagues. Some of them were the senior people from my workplace. They gave a smile at me and wished me for the success and I nodded at them. It was a wonderful evening to meet all the lovely faces.

I did some important works as well as some fun at the party. I took pictures and selfies with my family members, uncles, aunties, their families, my friends and my colleagues at the selfie stand. I also helped the party organizers in serving food and drinks to the guests. I thought it was important to help everyone at the party. Most of the guests presented me with many gifts and wished me all the best for my new position. Some of my uncles, aunties and my senior colleagues gave me some important advice about my new job responsibilities. Overall, I enjoyed the party very much. I’ll surely remember it for a long time.

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