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Cue Card # A job you wouldn’t like to have

You should say:

  • What is the job
  • Why you don’t want to do it?
  • How you feel about the job?

Sample Answer 1

Nowadays, people have a lot of job options and everyone has a preference related to the job they would like to do or not. Also, no job is easy nowadays as there is a lot of competition and people have to work really hard in their jobs. Some people like to take the challenges that a job brings while some find them difficult. I think it depends on one’s interest.

Today, I would like to talk about a job, which I think is challenging and I would not like to do it in the future. It is the job of a car salesman. Although it seems like a simple job but nowadays it is not easy to convince people when they go to buy a car. There are a lot of responsibilities as well and pressure is always high. It also requires one to be extrovert, which I think I am not.

One of my friends is working as a salesperson and I often find him stressed about his job. He has to spend almost 10-11 hours at the car showroom every day. And he does not get off on Sunday, as most customers visit the showroom on this day. Also, nowadays most of the people do their research online before buying a car so it becomes very difficult for a salesman to talk to them and sell the car. My friend is not able to meet his sales targets and always looks worried.

Moreover, one does not get promotions easily in this job, so it does not seem like a great career option to me. In the past, people used to enjoy working as a salesman, but I think it is really difficult. I would prefer doing a job related to computers.

Sample Answer 2

People nowadays have a lot of choices when it comes to their career option as compared to the earlier times. Because of ample options today, we tend to choose a job for ourselves keeping in mind our likes and dislikes. Talking about myself, when it comes to a profession I wouldn’t like to pursue, it would be of a surgeon.

Having more interest in commerce, I personally never had keen interest in the medical field. I always thought of it to be stressful and pressurizing. First of all, to be a surgeon is time consuming as it not only involve years of theoretical studies but also practice. They also have long working hours in which they’ve to initially check the medical history of their patient before commencing with the surgery.

Having friends from the medical field, it was shocking to know that surgeons are always under stress for surgeries as well as can get sued for a minor malpractice. So, they’ve to try their best to stay away from lawsuit as well. In my opinion, this job will not be suitable for me mainly because learning that someone’s life and death’s responsibility is in my hands, would make me nervous. The other important reason is that, I’ve hemophobia due to which my tolerance to looking at blood is extremely low and even the sight of it makes me sick.

Additionally, I also think that such stressful jobs are not meant for everyone as it will also affect one’s personal life. The negative environment at the work place can also alter one’s psyche. Lastly, not being able to perform the surgery well can lead to guilt. Therefore, a profession that would be my last choice would certainly be the job of a surgeon.

In conclusion, a job I don’t want to do in future is that of the surgeon. It is mostly because how stressful the job is and the impact it would have on my personal life.

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