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Cue Card # A journey you made by public transport

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You should say:

  •  when and where you went
  •  what kind of transport you used
  •  how was your trip
  • and explain why you chose to use public transportation for this trip.

Sample Answer 1:

Taking trips to all kinds of places is a part of our daily life, whether we travel in our private vehicles or use some kind of public transportation. Of course, as far as I am concerned, I am more comfortable to take my trips on my motorbike when I am travelling short distances. But, when I travel long distances, I usually use public transportation, and today I would like to talk about one such long-distance trips which I took about a few weeks ago.

Anyway, I took the trip to attend a wedding ceremony of one of my cousins who lives about a couple of kilometres away from me in another city. Since it was a long trip, I naturally wanted to use public transportation except, of course, I just couldn’t decide on whether to use a public bus or public train. Buses travel usually faster than train in my country but they don’t usually provide an opportunity to freshen up or eat any kind of food or snacks during the journey. But, on the other hands, even though, trains run a bit slow, they all offer the opportunity for refreshment. In fact, all of the public trains in my country have canteens to offer food for the travellers, and of course, they also have washrooms to freshen up.

So, after considering the pros and cons of using both types of public transportation, I finally decided to make my trip on a public train. Of course, it took me a little longer to arrive at my destination with train, but the trip was comfortable, and relaxing, especially, because of playing some “classical and hit songs” throughout the entire journey.

Anyway, I chose to use public transportation, primarily because it provided more safety and security in my travel. In fact, I didn’t have to worry about getting involved in any kind of unfortunate event or accident. Besides, I found travelling by train more comfortable and relaxing because it provided a much larger space to manoeuvre around when I needed to stretch a little. Finally, I never felt any travel fatigue after arriving at my destination.

Sample Answer 2:

Though I own a car, I often use public transportation. I do so to allow other family members to use my car for their own important tasks and sometimes I use public transportation, like the bus, to travel a long distance, especially to a different city. Some of the remote areas are not quite as easy to travel by cars and for those places, I use public transportation like the rickshaw, taxi or the rented motorbike. One such trip that I remember I took 2 years ago when I visited one of my aunts’ house. My aunt was married to a civil engineer and they had 3 kids. Their living place was kind of a remote area and took almost 10-12 hours to reach. It was the mid-autumn when I had the trip and I alone went there. I had to use 3-4 different public transportation to finally reach my aunt’s house.

I took a bus and it stopped when we reached near a river after 4-5 hours journey. I had to use a boat to pass the river and after that, I took another bus and finally an auto-rickshaw to reach my aunt’s living place.

The trip was a long one and it was neither a very pleasant journey nor a very disturbing one as well. Changing the transportation a few times, carrying two such heavy bags was something that annoyed me. But I enjoyed the natural scenery, a different routine than the usual busy life, scenic beauty on both sides of the road, the beautiful river and the new people and place. I mostly listened to music from my MP3 player and read a magazine on my journey and I enjoyed that also.

I took public transportation mainly for 3 reasons. Firstly, I left it home so that other family members can use it if needed as I would be away for about a week. Secondly, I did not know the exact route to the place I travelled and that’s why it would have been a bit uncertain to take my private car to a route that I have no idea about. Finally, it was a remote area and taking my car would have caused extra tension like parking it, fueling it and that why I preferred to take the journey in public transportation.

Sample Answer 3:

Well, every day I go to college in public transport. According to me, public transportation is safe for long journeys as well as for short visits. But here I would like to talk about a visit which I made via a bus. I explain it briefly. About two months ago, I had made a plan to go to the Golden Temple Amritsar with my two friends. We decided to travel via bus.

According to our plan, we reached the bus station in my hometown Moga. On the bus station, We bought eatable things and beverages to drink. We took a
bus in which only a few people were traveling. During this journey, We sit on the same seat on the bus. We shared many views with each other. My one friend who was traveling with us is a very talkative person. He makes each and every moment memorable with his funny and captivating talk. He was doing funny activities on the bus. After some time, When the bus conductor came near to seat, then we got a ticket from him.

When one hour passed during the journey, we ate the food which we carried with us.
Then, we reached the city of Amritsar after one hour. We went out of the bus and took a cab to reach GoldenTemple. We went in just ten minutes. We did supplication over there for the goodness of our loving families.

Moreover, I prayed to God for the strong relationship between us three friends. After prayer, we came back to the bus station and took the bus to reach home.
Eventually, till the evening, we came back to my hometown. So, that was the time when I went with my friend by bus.

Sample Answer 4:

In our day­to­day life we visit many places for various purposes. Sometimes we use our own vehicle and sometimes we use public transport. Normally when I have to go somewhere near then I use car but for distant places I use public transport. Here I am going to talk about a visit for which I used public transport. Actually, last month, I went to Jaipur Rajasthan with my family. This time we used bus for going to Jaipur. There is a tour operator company near my hometown known as Express Travels.

My father booked this tour through them. There were 12 other families with us. It was vacation time and so children were also there with their parents. We boarded the bus at 7 am. On the way we enjoyed a lot. I made many friends and we played antakshri.

The bus made three halts on the way to Jaipur. We straightened our legs and had refreshments at those stops. The bus was an AC coach and was very comfortable. There was also an LCD in the bus and we saw the movie Sargi. We reached Jaipur at 7 pm. We stayed at hotel Gangaur which was a very nice hotel. We saw the Amer Fort, Hawa Mahal, The City Palace and many other places. One whole day we had reserved for shopping.

My mother bought some Jaipuri quilts and I bought some lakh jewellery. As it was a package holiday, we enjoyed with the other families and made many friends. I still have good friends from that trip and we are in touch with each other through facebook.

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