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Cue Card # A park or garden

You should say:

  • where it is
  • how can you go there
  • how frequently you go there
  • and explain why this is your favourite park.

Sample Answer 1:

I’d like to talk about the garden in my hometown. It’s in the center of the city and is very big. Many people like going there at the weekends especially to spend time with their families and enjoy the atmosphere.

There are lots of palm trees and different bushes and flowers arranged in various places around and in the gardens, like I said the gardens are large so there is a lot space. There are also some play things for children, swings, a roundabout, a chute to slide down, and some climbing equipment where they can climb on tires, nets and ladders and stuff like that.

The last time I went there was on Sunday afternoon, I went with some friends and we sat and drank a couple of beers at one of the cafes there. As we were watching all the people enjoying themselves there were some street artists painting in chalk on the sidewalk and also a group of circus clowns performing for the children who were watching them.

It was a very lively place and there were lots of things to see and do. One of my friends who doesn’t live here thought that it was wonderful, she had never seen anything like it before because she comes from a very small village in the country and the park or garden they have there is very small apparently.

I like going to this garden to read sometimes, during the week, when it’s a lot quieter. The weekends are always very busy with a lot of families and children. It’s more of a fun place at the weekends, but during the week it’s nice and peaceful.

Sample Answer 2:

Alton National Park is located adjacent to the Moonie highway in South West Queensland in Australia and primarily famous for the rare species at the park.

The park is under the reign of Baloone Shire local government and famous for camping inside the park. But there are no facilities for the campers except the open spaces. People who go for camping at the park are self-sufficient. They usually carry all their necessary items and amenities required for the camping. The campers can do everything except creating an open fire for enjoyment. The authority is always alert to the issue as there were some fire-related accidents took place here in past. Besides, the natural view of the park is outstanding and in the moonlit night, the night views are wonderful. But the visitors need to be careful whatever they do here as this is a restricted area as it houses rare species and they should not be disturbed in any way.

Well, if you ask exactly how it looks like, the shape cannot be described in words. It does not have any specific shape or size rather the park has stretched for over 5 kilometres and decorated with varieties of trees and some mountains. It looks like a planned hilly garden with different plants which are standing with unity. There are many open spaces as well where the campers place their tents. The park is also the combination of two towns and a village and as a result, the park is always crowded in some parts and the other parts remain silent. It is a perfect place for bird watching. Various rare birds are found in the park and it is a prime destination for the bird watchers in Queensland.

The question ‘what I did there’ is simple but I am afraid the answer cannot be finished in few sentences. Since the park was a half an hour drive from my home, I usually visited the park in the holidays and took part in various types of activities inside the Alton National Park. I went to the park for numerous times and mostly I went for camping purpose. When I was a graduate-level student, I and my friends used to come here for camping at nights. It was a kind of celebration for us whenever we finished one of our semesters. It became a tradition for seven of us. Sometimes I used to visit the park on holidays for bird watching as well and have spotted different birds at their nest rested high on the tree-tops.

Ummm! Actually, it was the age for me when everything appeared good. In fact, that was the time of enjoyment for me. In my youth days, I travelled to different parts of Australia and had spent a large portion of time mostly in the Alton National Park for many reasons. The most important thing is its natural scenario and the views of the deep blue sky from the ground level. In the bright summer days, the sky views were breathtaking and I mostly went there in the evenings to enjoy the blue sky and sunset. Sometimes I turned into the audience for mountain biking during the events and supported by my favourite bikers.

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