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A time you didn’t tell the truth

You should say:

  • When it was
  • Where it happened
  • Why you did not tell the truth
  • And explain how you felt about it

Trust is considered to be an important tool in one’s friendship which takes time and diligence to rebuild if lost. Here, I’d like to talk about a time when I tried to conceal a secret from a friend which had a bad effect on our friendship. The scenario happened quite a while ago when we were in University. It was during our results when I tried to keep my best friend’s poor grades confidential as she was enjoying her cousin’s wedding at that time.  

As far as I remember, most of my friends were worried about their performance in the exams but my best friend had a different level of excitement since it was her relative’s wedding within two days. Though she was equally nervous about the results, she didn’t let her fear come between her happiness. When the result was declared, all of my friends cleared the exams with flying colors but unfortunately, my best friend result was not up to the expectations.  

I decided not to inform her about the result on a call as it might affect her joyful state of mind of the wedding ceremonies. But unluckily, she got this bitter news from one of our classmates. She was deeply affected by it as those results were going to have a major impact on our placements. 

Initially, this situation jeopardized our friendship and people tried to create misunderstandings between us. But after a couple of days, she considered my point of view and tried to look at it from my position. We later on, apologized and promised to never hide truth from each other, no matter how bitter it would be.

Personally it pains me to lie and I don’t think I’m a very good liar in any event. However, I think from time to time a little white lie can be necessary!

It turns out that one of my best friends turned 26 about a couple of weeks ago. She’s not usually the kind of person to celebrate her birthday in a big way, and often keeps the date close to her chest.

She came to visit me a for a few days last week. In the taxi from the airport she happened to let the cat out of the bag that it had been her birthday a few days prior. One of our mutual friends happened to be with us in the taxi and we started texting each other in secret to figure out a way we could surprise her and organize something of a belated birthday party.

On the way back to my place we made a quick stop at a local supermarket. I’m not exactly known for being someone who drags out any shopping experience, and most of the time I’m in and out as quickly as possible. However, this time I needed to keep the birthday girl as distracted as possible while our mutual friend was off in a different aisle buying a cake and decorations. I pretended to be indecisive about what to buy and told porkies about why our friend had disappeared to a different part of the store.

I’m pretty sure she knew something was up because I don’t really have much of a poker face. She went with it though and didn’t ask too many questions because and I could keep the lying to a bare minimum.

After we got to my apartment there was one more lie to tell to keep her distracted but this time it was our mutual friend that had to do the fibbing. He claimed he needed help with something in another part of the apartment which gave me the breathing room to sort out the cake and decorations.

I think this is one of the rare cases in which it is socially acceptable to lie. These little white lies can spark a lot of joy and happiness in people’s lives, and all kinds of surprises would be borderline impossible without them.

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