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A time you observed a beautiful sky

You should say:

  • when this happened
  • who you were with
  • what you saw
  • and how you felt about watching the sky. 

Sample Answer 1: A time you observed a beautiful sky

Last week, my friends and I decided to go camping on the outskirts for the weekend.

Living in a big city doesn’t offer me much of a chance to enjoy the sky at night because of the pollution, the lights, and the skyscrapers. That‟s the reason why I liked this short trip so much because I could enjoy looking up at the clear sky, searching for stars and observing the moon.

Luckily for me, there was a full moon that night. We made a small campfire and sat around the fire, grilled potatoes and marshmallows, happily chatting with each other.

When the moon had risen high up in the sky, we all looked up, and started counting stars. I had never seen so many stars in the sky as I did that night. They twinkled while the moon shone brightly. At that moment, I felt at peace. My mind was blank; I wasn‟t thinking of anything else, all my sadness and disappointments disappeared. All I thought of was that I was content in that moment.

Sample Answer 2: Describe A time you observed a beautiful sky

Being a nature enthusiast, I always love to watch the sky and enjoy the different colours it creates due to different weather conditions. However, I remember observing the sky one autumn noon and since then it has had a profound impact on my life. I’m going to share that experience as a response to this topic card.

It was probably three years ago. I had a last-minute plan to enjoy the coming two days’ autumn vacation with my wife and son in my native village. Every year we go to our native village during this time as I love to enjoy the natural beauty of my beautiful village. It somewhat looks like a landscape painted by some eminent painters.

We took a drive to our native village. Reaching there we had lunch with our cousins in our house and after that my wife started gossiping with my cousins and their wives while I went for a short walk behind my home. I didn’t forget to take a flask of tea with me that I planned to enjoy by the river. It was such a beautiful day. The sky was clear with sparse white clouds here and there. The clouds looked like ice-cream and due to the clear blue sky, it took beautiful forms that can’t be explained in words. Gentle southern breeze blew as I crossed some paddy fields. It fulfilled my mind with incredible happiness.

As it was afternoon time, the sunlight didn’t feel too hot. Rather I was enjoying it fully. Sometimes the sun was going behind the clouds and coming back again as if the clouds there playing hide and seek with the sun. I also remember that the clouds looked like different animals at times like a dog, cat, elephant, etc. It was really a fun thing to experience. After some time, I came by the famous ‘Titas’ river which is not very far from my home. I took some rest by the river and enjoyed a cup of tea. When I looked into the crystal clear water of the river, I was amazed to see the reflection of the beautiful sky. All these experiences have made my whole day. I felt so happy that I took some snaps of the sky and the surroundings with my smartphone camera. That day I became more aware of nature and it made me feel optimistic about my life.

I think all of us should have such a wonderful experience in our life.

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