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An event you attended full of colour

You should say:

  • What was the public event and when was it?
  • With whom did you go to the event?
  • Why was this public event so important?

Sample Answer 1:

In my “not-so” long life, I have had the opportunity to attend many events of many cultures and traditions, and it just makes me feel really happy when I get an opportunity to talk about them. While none of those events was any better or more special than the others, as far as I am concerned, I guess it is ok to remember some a bit more than the others. So thank you for offering me the opportunity to talk about one such special event which was very colorful as well as very enjoyable to me.

It was a wedding. It was the wedding ceremony of Alex, one of my best university friends, who I hadn’t seen for at least about a few years after our graduation from the university because we were living in different cities, which were far apart from each other. Besides, we were also very busy with our professional lives. So, when I received an invitation from Alex to attend his marriage, I felt really happy and excited, not only because it would allow me to witness one of the happiest days of my friend’s life, but also because I could finally meet him after a long time.

Anyway, the wedding took place at a local church in the home town of Alex, which was magnificently decorated with a great colour scheme by matching it with the bride’s wedding dress and flowers. However, the marriage ceremony was rather brief which was conducted according to the Christian religious practices. Then came the wedding reception which was rather elaborate and eventful with the couple cutting the wedding cake, wedding party mingling with drinks and snack in their hands, and brief dancing by the newly-wedded couples.

Anyway, it was a special wedding ceremony for me because I was made to be “the best man” on that day. Besides, I also contributed a little in the decoration ideas of the overall wedding ceremony, which was really appreciated by the guests there. The wedding was special to me also because it allowed me to meet many of my old day friends and catch up with them during a very happy event.

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