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Cue Card # An interesting conversation you had

You should say:

  • who the person was
  • where the conversation took place
  • what you talked about
  • and explain why you found the conversation interesting.

Sample Answer 1

I would like to share with you one of the most interesting conversations I had with my teacher about my university choice.

To be honest, at that time, I was so confused with a lot of choices that I was totally exhausted. It was a tough decision for me because the university was a turning point for my future career prospects. If I chose wrong, I would waste a lot of time and effort. The hardest part, I think, was to balance between my possibility to be admitted and the suitability between my potentials and the field of the university. I had chosen a famous and high-ranked university, but I wondered whether I was qualified enough to register for it.

As it was the first time I had to make such a big decision, I came to my dear teacher to ask for some advice as she had a lot of experience in every field. After listening carefully to my explanation, she asked me why I chose that university. I told her that because I was impressed with their teaching methods and extracurricular activities. Besides, as their students were highly qualified, I thought I can build up a good network there and learn a lot from them. Then, she asked what made me afraid of this choice, I answered that’s I wondered if I were excellent enough to be admitted. She smiled when I said so and calmed me down by saying that I was among the most outstanding students she had had, and she was extremely confident that I could manage to meet their requirements. However, she implied that I shouldn’t worry too much about failure, instead, I should make a concerted effort to reach the goal I set, thus, in the end, though the consequence was good or bad, there would be no regrets. Her words really made me inspired that it could release all my fears and worries.

This conversation was interesting to me because apart from positive advice, she also helped to calm me down, thus, made me focus more on studying to achieve my goals. Then, I got a satisfying result for my application and had a wonderful university life. Until now, I still feel thankful to her for that interesting conversation.

Sample Answer 2

Last year when I was on my way to my hometown on a train, I had an interesting conversation with an unknown person and the conversation lasted for several hours. I live in the city and my hometown is about 7-8 hours away from the place I live in. I usually go to my hometown by bus but at that time I traveled on a train. I was in a second class compartment of the train and there were almost 10 other people traveling in the same compartment. I found a couple with 2 kids were sitting just opposite side of me next to me was sitting a person who seemed around 45 years old. I was sitting beside the window and he asked me to open it. He then thanked me and asked me about myself. The conversation went on and I learned that he is a senior employee of a large Government organisation. I was a bit confused that he was traveling in a second class compartment at cheap rent.

He started a topic about how the kids and young people from the new generation have little passion for learning and busy doing unproductive staff. I started defending the young generation and expresses the difference the new generation has with their ancestors. The conversation started to turn into a debate and both of us used our logic and reasoning. The conversation was interesting and I was actively participating in it mostly because he had a good and polite way of conversation. He told his reasoning for this belief but when I showed him my logic, he did not protest just for the conversation’s sake. Rather he agreed that he learned many new facts about the new generation and their way of thinking and lifestyles. He also confessed that the generation gap is unavoidable and the positive changes should be accepted by them. Besides this main topic some other topics arrived like the political situation of our country, the educational system currently we have and what should be done to eliminate many of your major problems.

The conversation lasted for about 4 hours until he left the train at his station. I usually do not continue a longer conversation with strangers and often find people start talking about silly issues with no moral values. But the conversation I had with this person on the train was interesting and I enjoyed it. I felt like there is a big gap between the first generation and the new generation and both generations do not listen and think deeply about the other generation and that’s causing a huge gap between them. I enjoyed learning many thoughts of our first generations and was appalled about some of the misconceptions. I was also relieved to learn that they have a positive attitude towards the changes which are for good reasons. His way of conversation was also positive and that’s why the overall conversation was enjoyable.

Sample Answer 3

While my journey on a train to my hometown, I had a very interesting conversation with a person named Smith (…say a name…) who was a journalist of a daily newspaper. I can’t recall his last name but he was a man around 35 years and sat next to me on the train.

I usually read books on long journeys or listen to music. That day I was reading a book by Dan Brown and the person who sat next to me asked about the book. This is how the conversation started. The conversation was mostly about writers in general, the political condition in our country, the role of an ideal leader, journalism, corruptions and the major problems of our country. I rarely continue longer conversations with strangers but that conversation I had on the train was pretty different and lasted almost 3-4 hours.

This conversation was interesting mostly because of three reasons: one, the person I had the conversation with was a smooth-talking person with good knowledge and experience. Secondly, the way the conversation started and progressed was really interesting. I took my whole effort to debate on issues that I did not agree with and also agreed with the notion that was similar to my viewpoint.

Though this person was around 12 years senior to me, he never took any advantages of it and even he did not give any hint about it in the issued I disagreed with him. He treated me as an equally skilled opponent on many issues and listened to me very attentively. Finally, the place and circumstances when the conversation took place were really interesting and unusual. I must say, I learned many things from the opinions and experiences he shared that day.

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