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Cue Card # An item of clothing you enjoy wearing

You should say:

  • Where you got it
  • When you got it
  • How often you wear it
  • And explain why it is your favourite piece of clothing.

Sample Answer 1 – For Girls/Females

Well, I like to collect things as well as I also collect huge species of clothes. Mostly, I like different sorts of clothes such as traditional, western, sports and so on. I also wear clothes according to my taste and occasion. But here I would like to talk about a favorite piece of clothing.

Interestingly, it is a red gown and the color is my favorite. I usually wear it on special occasions. I remember I bought this red floor touch which I bought on my brother’s marriage. Me and my sister both went to the market for shopping. Then, I saw this gown on a shop display and attract me.

At that point, we entered that shop and saw a lot of gown and dresses but, I liked that particular gown. After some time, my sister chose a traditional dress and I purchased this gown. With it, I bought black high heels and read earings.

Apart from that, this gown is a slim fit and the fitting of this gown is gorgeous. When I go to any party or occasion at that time I wear this gown because it really suits me. My friends and family also tell me “you look like princesses in this gown”.

Moreover, this gown is totally simple and, it has a boat neck. The stuff of this entire is very soft and comfortable. My favorite actresses Kareena Kapoor also wore this type of gown in Film star award 2017. From that time, I want to buy those types of piece of clothing.

Luckily, in my brother marriage, I bought this gown and, at that time, I felt on the ninth cloud. I love this gown and it is my favorite because it suits me. When I wear it at that time I look awesome and gorgeous.

Sample Answer 2 – For Boys/Males

Interestingly, I love to go shopping and when I free from my studies and work at that time I prefer to go shopping with my friends and my mother. I have a lot of clothes according to fashion. I also like stylish clothes to wear on special occasions. But here I would like to talk about my favorite Clothes that I love to wear the most.

Well, this is a woodland jacket. On the jacket, the woodland tree logo printed the left side off the jacket. This jacket was gifted by my mother on my last birthday.

Apart from that, the color of the jacket is purple and it is a zipper jacket. I usually wear this jacket with blue denim jeans and black high waist jeans. A purple jacket with black jeans perfect Combination for a young girl.

After that, this is very comfortable and I love this combination. I usually wear this jacket during the winter because the stuff of this jacket is very amazing. Everyone woodland company names and the products of this company always wonderful.

Moreover, this is water and windproof as well as it is very light weighted. This jacket consists of two layers. First is a soft inner layer and second is a tough outer Shell. The inner layer is made of spun fleece which helps the body to warm.

Furthermore, the most interesting thing which I really like, the pocket of this jacket is too large and, on the front of both pockets has a closer zip. This is a full-sleeved jacket and the cap is also removable.

At last, not least, my mother bought this jacket from the woodland showroom which is located in my hometown. I love this piece of cloth because it is gifted by mother.

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