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Help others – Speaking Part 3 Follow Up Questions

Question: -according to you, why people are ready to help others?

Answer: – well, some people prefer to help others without knowing any profit and loss because they help someone to satisfy own soul. With it, some people think if you have someone then god definitely helps you in a good and bad situation.

Question:-what do you think it’s important to help others?

Answer:- definitely if anyone needs help then help him or her. Apart from that, if a family member, a society member, an unknown person stuck in any problem then you definitely help those persons who need some help with it, left family members and people of society also influence from you and also follow your way.

Question:- most of the individuals always think about themselves and never helping others? what do you say about this attitude?

Answer:- According to me, it is not good. But it is the trust of the modern era and the new generation. Nowadays, people become more selfish as compares to the past. Apart from that, anybody does not their attitude. Even, they become a racing rat, those are busy in gain achievements and success. Due to this, they do not have enough time to look around and notice those human beings who really need particular help. I think ts is very sad for humans.

Question:- in your country, What type of persons need help?

Answer:- In my nation India, mostly poor and old needs help. Sometimes people face different sorts of problems such as no food, clothes, and shelter. Unfortunately, farmers need to help from people and government because they are the second name of God. With their hard work, we eat food. According to my point of view, the government should change the farmer policies and helps the farmers in different ways. People’s also give support to the farmer for better eatable things because ” Good food good health”.

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