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Set Goal – Speaking Part 3 Follow Up Questions

1. Why it is important for teenagers to set the goals?

Teenage years are formative years in terms of realizing one’s interests and choosing a field to pursue higher education. So it becomes important to be focused and set goals in those years. That also helps them channelize their energy, as it is known that teenagers are impulsive and restless.

2. What will encourage children to learn more?

Children learn more through interactive activities that are educative and fun at the same time. If they involved in such activities they tend to participate actively and learn.

3. Do parents and teachers punish children nowadays?

No, it is not common to find parents and teachers to punish children the way it was done a few decades ago. However, to understand the consequences of their actions there are certain ways the parents and teachers make them do certain tasks, like giving them time out or making them do some chores. This form of punishment is not corporal and makes children learn from their mistakes in a better and effective manner.

4. Who do you think has a greater influence on the goal-setting of children? Teachers or parents?

I think both have an equally important role to play. Parents and teachers both understand the strengths and weaknesses of the children and can guide them to realize their potential and help them set goals.

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