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Someone who is good at their job

You should say:

  • Who this person is
  • What his or her job is
  • How he or she likes the job
  • And explain why this person is good at the job

Sample Answer 1:

Let me talk about my cousin who is a financial advisor in one of the biggest financial insurance companies in this country.

A few months ago, I made up my mind to find a financial advisor who can help me educate finance related matters. I’ve been running my own warehouse business and more often than not, I have some difficulty in managing my finances that made me confused in understanding the cash flow statement of my business.

So, I searched through the internet about the best financial advisers in my city, to my surprise, the name of my cousin appeared in the list. As I hadn’t talked with him for ages, I had no updates about his personal and professional life. So without a second thought, I rang him and invited him for a meetup because I did believe that he’s the answer to my problem.

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