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Someone who taught you something

You Should Say:

  • what you learned
  • how this became useful later in your life
  • whether you taught it to someone or not
  • and explain why it was important for you.

Sample Answer 1

I am blessed to have a very loving family, and I thank them from the very bottom of my heart for teaching me everything, which made me the person today I am. So, I am really glad that I am getting an opportunity today to talk about something useful which I learned from a member of my family.

I used to live in an extended family, which included my old grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters along with my paternal uncles, aunts and cousins, where we all used to share pretty much everything with each other. I was the youngest member of my family. Anyway, as an extended family, my family members used to strictly follow some family codes, and one of those codes was that each of my family members, except me because of my young age, would try his or her best to donate a certain amount of money into a family fund.

By the way, the arrangement of such family fund was made by none other than my old grandmother because she wanted to make sure that we all were able to deal with any kind of emergency financial situation. Anyway, it was at that time I learned the importance of saving up money even whether I was earning enough or not, and I carried this important lesson into my life from high school to university and then also to my professional life.

In fact, this money-saving habit had allowed me to save up enough money to buy some good shares in the share market right after starting my new job about 10 years ago. Now, I am glad to say that I taught this valuable important life lesson also to my young wife and two of my younger cousins.

Anyway, the lesson was important for me because it allowed me to understand the value of money if I really wanted to live a decent life. Besides, it was important for me also because it allowed me the liberty and satisfaction of exploring my true potential and worth as a positive and intelligent person.

Sample Answer 2

I have learnt many important things from people around me. One such important thing that I learnt is cooking. My mother taught me this skill.

Ever since I made a plan to go abroad for my higher education my mother started involving me in the kitchen. My mother is in her 40s. Her name is Harsimran. she is not very tall but looks very beautiful Her hair has started graying but she doesn’t colour or dye her hair. She has a gifted hand at cooking. Normally she does all the cooking by herself and sometimes my sister helps her, but I hardly ever did anything in the kitchen.

But now she has taught me how to knead the dough, how to prepare Dal, how to cook rice, how to prepare some vegetables and also how to make chapatis. Actually, my cousin went to Canada for her education and there he found a lot of difficulty cooking for himself. He is a vegetarian and vegetarian food outlets are very few in Canada. Whatever food outlets are there are very expensive. So cooking is a very important skill which I think everyone should know.

I am very happy that I can cook for myself now and I can make all the things which I like. Last week my mother had an attack of viral fever, when suddenly my aunt and uncle came from Amritsar. I prepared rice and Dahl for them and both these things turned out really good. They were very happy and praised me in front of everyone.

My mother was very proud of me that day. My mother has also taught me some Chinese dishes. I really love cheese chilli and Manchurian. Now I can make these dishes also and I can add the vegetables and sauces according to my liking.

I feel that my mother has done a great job by teaching me this important skill of cooking. I would never have learned it without her guidance.

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