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Something useful you borrowed from another person

You should say:

  • what you borrowed
  • when you borrowed it
  • whom you borrowed it from
  • and explain why you borrowed it.

Sample Answer 1

Once I had to borrow a history textbook from one of my friends and I would like to talk about this event. I am an undergraduate student and I took the History of Ancient Civilizations course in my fourth semester.

I needed the book as I lost mine and needed to get some information to complete an important assignment. I borrowed the book “History and Our Footsteps” from Hien Long. He is a good friend of mine and lives near my residence. He is a helpful person and lent me the book though he needed it for the same purpose.

I was happy to have the book and Long also was delighted that he could help me. I needed the book urgently to get some information to prepare an assignment that I was due to submit in a week. Unfortunately, I lost my book and did not know how it was lost! If I failed to submit the assignment, it might have been difficult for me to pass the course.

As I remember, it was a comparatively easier assignment and took only a few hours for me to complete but I could not have done it without having the textbook as a reference. I knew that I would require the book to complete the assignment but I could not buy it right then. So, I sought help from Long as he lived nearby.

I asked him to lend me the book and I promised to return it the next day. He was supportive enough and came to my home with the book and then I completed the assignment. I thanked him heartily for his genuine help.

Sample Answer

To be honest, I don’t really like the idea of borrowing something from someone even if they are my family members or closest friends, as I have this fear that I may lose or damage their valuable thing, even if I put extra effort in taking care of it. However, back when I was just a college student, I had an experience asking my cousin if I could use his digital camera for our 2-day excursion.

It was an educational trip for our photojournalism class. All of us were required to have a camera of any types during that trip, since we needed to take photos or videos for the places where we had to visit. I actually had my own camera, but at that time, I left it in my parents’ house when I visited them the week before our trip.

Unfortunately, it was impossible for me to get my camera back home since my hometown was six hours away by bus from my flat. Aside from that, I didn’t have any spare time to return home as I juggled my part-time job and my study. It was just too tough having a hectic schedule!

Anyway, I just gave it a shot asking my cousin, who went to the same college where I was also studying, if I could borrow his camera and without a second thought he lent me with no conditions. His camera is Cybershot Sony, well I don’t exactly remember the model of it, but it was water-resistant up to 5 meters, which I was so delighted since we did take photos underwater while we were snorkeling on the second day of our trip.

Also, what I liked most about that camera is the 4K resolution in both images and videos. Without any effort, I could take vivid photos as if I were a pro. I had to admit that his camera was way better than mine that made me think of investing a camera like his.

Well, to make a long story short, I couldn’t be happier with the photos and videos taken by my cousin’s digital camera and luckily one of my photos was chosen for our school’s yearly exhibit for outstanding photos taken by the photojournalism students.

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