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Something you enjoyed doing in a group cue card

Something you enjoyed doing in a group
Something you enjoyed doing in a group cue card

IELTS Cue Card # Talk about something you enjoyed doing in a group

Simillar Cue Card Topic:

  • Talk about something you enjoy doing in a group
  • Talk about something you enjoyed doing in a group.
  • Talk about a game you enjoyed doing in a group.
  • Talk about a project you enjoyed doing in a group.
  • Talk about something you enjoyed doing in a group recently.
  • Talk about something you enjoyed doing in a group/team
  • Describe something you enjoyed doing in a group
  • Tell about a project you enjoyed doing in a group

You should say:

  • What did you do?
  • Who was with you?
  • When was that?
  • and explain how you felt about that.

You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.

Sample Answer for cue card Something you enjoyed doing in a group.

Sample Answer :(Something you enjoyed doing in a group)

During my last semester, I underwent a thesis with two of my friends. And in fact, it was my group thesis. We three had to struggle a lot for collecting data from the primary sources. Besides, there were plenty of mistakes found in the literature. We all had to make the thesis perfect.

The thesis was about population distribution in rural and city areas and how to control the population flow. Definitely, it was a difficult task for us for some reasons. First of all, this was the very first thesis of our life. Actually, being the very first one, our teacher has asked us to make it in a group. Accordingly, we prepared for everything and did the project together. But on the way to completion, we had to experience a large number of troubles for being newbies in this arena of research and analysis.       

I was responsible for preparing the questionnaire for the thesis. In fact, we had to take an interview with some of the people and the selection process was random. So, I had to prepare the questions in line with the thesis theme. By the same time, I had to care about the issue that there should be no irrelevant questions in the questionnaire lest the respondents do not feel irritated or disturbed. So, to prepare the questions, I took help from many other similar questionnaires. But it was hard to make suitable questions.

Besides, the formatting of the questions was also troublesome as I had never done such a work before. I was unable to find out the right format for me to place the questions. Developing the questions was also difficult and I overcome all the issues finally.  

Steve and Smith were with me. I formed my team with them based on some special criteria. Firstly, they are my intimate buddies and we have a nice coordination. If I picked someone else, I think I would have been troubled more. They understand me while the things are similar to me. The coordination among us is excellent and we did some other projects before. But this was a large one in size and took more time than the usual projects.

A thesis is completely a dissimilar type of work than the usual assignment. But we realised the issue much later. We had to face some extreme challenges to complete the thesis. Further, the teacher who assigned us the thesis was out of the country for attending some sort of conference. As a result, we all had to wait for his return and got delayed in submitting the thesis paper.   

To complete the thesis, I had to do some special sort of things in line with the others. Data collection was the most important aspect of thesis completion. To gather the data, we had to take interviews of some people both in rural and city areas. Cleaning the data and analyse them was the other greatest obstacles we experienced so far. Writing the report took a bit of time. But the most unmanageable issue was report writing. I was assigned to write the report as well but it took several attempts to complete the report and get it checked by the teacher.

Finally, after lots of efforts, we were able to complete the project and it took around three months for us. It was really an interesting experience for me and others as well.

Sample Answer(Something you enjoyed doing in a group)

During the 1990s, I was a student at Notre Dame International High School in Paris. At that time, I was the member of the school football team. I am really happy that you gave me the chance to recall my olden days of school. 

We had a school football team. There were 15 players altogether though it takes 11 players to continue the game. Four extra players were there to support us in any needs. I was the midfielder in the team. The sport was not that much popular in the days when we practiced it on the school ground but now it is on the top of popularity.

Besides, in our time, there were fewer football teams in the surrounding schools. We won some of the local awards after playing with the interschool competitions. I enjoyed the matches and still miss those days.    

Among the 15 players, not everyone could perform very well during the matches. Often a few of them could not participate for some unwanted reasons. As a result, we had to rely on extra players. The team coach, Mr Adelard Victor was a great mentor for us. He taught almost all the available techniques to play perfect football. Besides, the goalkeeper, Anatole was another wonder for us. He was skilled in protecting the goal bar from the oppositions.

But he failed to prevent almost half of the attacks from the opposition team. The striker, Florentin was really a unique player. Many of the opposition strikers could not stand before him. He was speedy and by the same time moved ahead with the ball by dodging the others. in fact, it only him for whom we achieved most of our victory.    

As a team, we played a huge number of matches. Since the sport did not get much popularity at that time, the matches were held with the schools of the same locality. Besides, the prizes were some cups and medals. But that was the greatest achievement for us on those days. I also achieved seven medals for my performance.

But unfortunately, I could not be the best player in any of the matches. Often I moved with the ball near the goal post of the opposition team and passed it to the striker to make the goal. If we were lucky, we could have scored the goal. But in most cases, the opposition players defended us and we could not make the score.  

The rate of success for me individually was not outstanding. But I had to be a team player for some reasons. Each of the members of the team plays some specific roles. So, as per the roles, I executed my duties. In fact, without the participation of any team members, it was not possible for the team to bring the victories though they are less in number.

Besides, with the participation of all the team members, a team moves ahead to success. Playing in a team is also enjoyable in many aspects. Therefore, I became a part of my school football team.  

Something you enjoyed doing in a group

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