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IETLS Speaking Part 3 Follow Up Question – Sorry or Apology

  1. Is it important to say sorry?
    Yes, it is important to say sorry, because it makes you feel less guilty and you can tell the other person that you realize your mistake and would not do such a thing in the future.
  2. In what situations do people say sorry?
    People say sorry when they do something wrong knowingly or unknowingly, and when they realize their mistake. They also say sorry when they want to clear any misunderstanding with their friend or family member.
  3. Why do some people hate to say sorry?
    Some people hate to say sorry because they have an ego and they think that they would be belittled if they say sorry. Sometimes they don’t realize their mistake. Sometimes they think that the other person is at fault and he should say sorry.
  4. In what situations should we apologize immediately?
    We should apologize immediately when we realize our mistake, or when we don’t want any misunderstanding to happen, or when we don’t want our friendship to be broken, or when we want our relationship with the other person to be even stronger. For example, in a crowded place, when we unintentionally bang into someone or when I forget to switch off my phone and it rings and disturbs the whole class, I don’t waste any time in saying sorry.
  5. When do people say thank you?
    People say thank you when someone does something for them or gives them a gift or wishes them on festivals and special occasions. People thank other people for their help or service, for example, a waiter in a restaurant, to the attendants at the fuel pumps, etc.
  6. When was the last time you found it hard to accept an apology?

    The last time I found it hard to accept an apology was when my 10 year-old cousin, damaged my laptop and I lost all my important documents. I was very dejected, but could not do anything about it. My cousin said sorry to me so many times, but I remember I did not talk to him properly for two weeks and I have never let him touch my things again.

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