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Uniform – Speaking Part 3 Follow Up Questions

1. Why should students wear uniforms?

Uniforms have a lot of advantages. Firstly, it teaches them about discipline and equality which are important qualities to learn in childhood.

2. On what occasion should people wear uniforms?

I don’t think people should wear a uniform for a particular occasion because it would be a wastage of money. Buying a uniform that one would wear for a single occasion does not make a lot of sense to me but if people wear it every day in the school or army it serves a better purpose.

3. Should companies ask employees about the design of their uniforms?

Yes, companies should definitely do that because when employees will participate in the designing process they will have more respect for their uniforms. They will have a sense of ownership and hence they will wear it more proudly.

4. Can people tell someone’s personality by his or her clothes?

I think it is very difficult to judge someone’s personality by looking at what they are wearing. Every individual is different, some like fashion and some do not.  So a person wearing simple clothes could be a highly intellectual person or could be an average guy.  We can only find out once we talk to them.

5. What color would catch people’s attention most?

I think the bright colors catch the attention most. Colors like red and yellow normally have a striking effect.  Also, these colors are not worn by many people, so, one’s chances of being the odd one out become higher.

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