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Travel by Plane – Part 3 Follow Up Questions

  1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of travelling by plane?
    There are many advantages of travelling by planes. It is a very fast means of transport and saves a lot of time. There are many comforts available in planes, which are not there in other means of travel, like good entertainment systems, foods from various cuisines, catering to different dietary needs, all sorts of beverages are also available, temperature control and so on. We can travel to any part of the world by planes. As for the disadvantages, the main one is that it is more expensive than other modes of travel. Not everyone can afford to travel by air. It is also a cause of air pollution and noise pollution.
  2. Is it good to live nearby an airport?
    No, I don’t think it is good to live near an airport, because there is a lot of traffic in areas near the airport. That leads to both air and noise pollution, leading to many health-related problems and disturbance throughout the day and night.
  3. Do your country people like to travel by plane?
    Yes, here people like to travel by plane. It has become a very common means of domestic and international travel among the people of my country. They travel by air for several reasons, like for business, education, for pleasure, for religious reasons, etc.
  4. What kinds of transportation do people choose when they go on a long journey?
    People usually choose air travel for long journeys. However, for domestic long-distance journeys, trains are also a very popular means of transport. For international travel, people prefer to travel by air.
  5. Would you like to travel by your own car in the future?
    Yes, I would like to travel in my own car in the future. I love travelling long distances by road, as we can see more places and experience more cultures and foods on the way. I think road trips are the best way to see more places and meet more people, from different backgrounds.
  6. What kinds of people travel by plane in your country?
    All types of people travel by plane in my country. Anyone who can afford airfares prefers travelling by planes. Many people travel by air for their work and businesses, to save time. Many students travel domestically and internationally for better education facilities. Many people travel to popular tourist destinations.
  7. Are you happy with the service on the plane in your country?
    Yes, I am happy with the service on planes in my country. The quality of service is very good, which includes the food, beverages and entertainment. The staff of all the airlines are well-trained and very polite and helpful. OR
    I haven’t experienced travelling by planes as yet. However, my friends and relatives who have travelled domestically by air have shared their experiences with me and they have told me that the service on planes in my country is very good. The food available is delicious, there are many choices for the beverages and also, the entertainment system is very good.
  8. Why do some people just dislike air travel?
    Some people dislike air travel due to the fear of heights and flying. They may feel travelling sickness. Some people may have had a bad flying experience, which makes them dislike air travel. Some people dislike it due to health-related problems.

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