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When you gave advice to someone

Describe a time when you gave advice to someone.

You should say:

  • what it was about
  • whom you advised
  • when it was
  • and explain how you felt about it.

You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you’re going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.

Sample Answer 1:

I never really considered myself to be in a position to provide any kind of advice to anybody. In fact, it always would be the other way around because many times, it was actually me who needed advice from other people. So, when one of my junior cousins asked me about whether to join a football club or not about 10 years ago from now, I felt pretty dumb because I just didn’t know what to suggest.

 But, then I gathered my thoughts (as I didn’t want to look stupid in front of my junior cousin) and told him that he should have joined the football club. Needless to say, it was for the first time that I actually gave someone a piece of real advice. But, after giving that advice to my cousin, I became a bit worried and nervous, because I just didn’t know how my uncle would react to it. In fact, when I also showed some interest in playing any kind of sports in the past, my uncle vehemently opposed the idea since, according to him, it would jeopardize my study and education.

So, naturally, I thought that my uncle wouldn’t exactly favor my advice as far as the issue of telling his son to join a football club was concerned. But, I also prepared myself to argue with my uncle, should he demand some kind of explanation from me on offering the advice. But, then, to my pleasant surprise, nothing of that sort really took place. In fact, my uncle actually asked me to find a good football club for his son so that he could practice some good football.

Anyway, even though, I was initially nervous about giving that advice to my cousin, I felt really good later on because, after all, my uncle had finally understood the value of getting involved with different kinds of sports for health benefits. I also felt a bit proud of myself because someone (my cousin) thought that it was actually worth asking a person like me for some advice, no matter how important or generic the advice really was.

Sample Answer 2:

In our life, we often give advises to others in times when we feel that’s necessary. This is a basic human nature to give advice and share thoughts with others. I gave several pieces of advice to others, mostly to my friends and relatives, and one such advice I still remember and feel good about was the one that I gave to one of my classmates when I was in college.

I advised him to continue his study no matter what. The friend whom I gave advice was (…say a name…) and I talked to him for more than 3 hours. He one day told me that he had been planning to quit college and get involved in some kind of job to support his family. That was, in my opinion, a very wrong decision as it would ruin every possibility he has in his career and he would have to work on low-level jobs for the rest of his life. I advised him not to drop out of college and study hard. I showed him some of the examples where others are supporting their family even after continuing their study. I told him that it would be very tough and sometimes you would feel like abandoning the college but don’t even think of doing it. I also advised him to manage any part-time job in the local library or to talk to our teacher about his condition.

After a few days, he told me that he had given some serious thought about it and won’t quit college. I felt overwhelmed and happy to hear that. He talked to our course teachers and one of the teachers arranged for him a part-time job. He was happy and he finally finished his graduation from one of the prestigious universities in our country. Now he is working in a respectable government office and he is still grateful to me for the advice I gave him. I felt very well when I found him continuing his study and in fact, he was a bright student. I still feel very glad to be able to give him a piece of advice that proved to be very helpful for him.

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