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Work or sport you have done in a team

You should say:

  • What was it
  • When you participated
  • How many people watched it
  • and explain if you enjoyed it or not.

Sample Answer 1:

During the 1990s, I was a student at Notre Dame International College in [your city name]. At that time, I was a member of the school football team. I am really happy that you gave me the chance to recall my olden days of school. 

We had a school football team. There were 15 players altogether though it takes 11 players to continue the game. Four extra players were there to support us in any needs. I was the midfielder in the team. The sport was not that popular in the days when we practiced it on the school ground but now it is on the top of popularity. Besides, in our time, there were fewer football teams in the surrounding schools. We won some of the local awards after playing with the interschool competitions. I enjoyed the matches and still miss those days.    

Among the 15 players, not everyone could perform very well during the matches. Often a few of them could not participate for some unwanted reasons. As a result, we had to rely on extra players. The team coach, Mr. Adelard Victor was a great mentor for us. He taught almost all the available techniques to play perfect football. Besides, the goalkeeper, Anatole was another wonder for us. He was skilled in protecting the goal bar from the opposition. But he failed to prevent almost half of the attacks from the opposition team. The striker, Florentin was really a unique player. Many of the opposition strikers could not stand before him. He was speedy and by the same time moved ahead with the ball by dodging the others. in fact, it only him for whom we achieved most of our victory.    

As a team, we played a huge number of matches. Since the sport did not get much popularity at that time, the matches were held with the schools of the same locality. Besides, the prizes were some cups and medals. But that was the greatest achievement for us on those days. I also achieved seven medals for my performance. But unfortunately, I could not be the best player in any of the matches. Often I moved with the ball near the goal post of the opposition team and passed it to the striker to make the goal. If we were lucky, we could have scored the goal. But in most cases, the opposition players defended us and we could not make the score.  

The rate of success for me individually was not outstanding. But I had to be a team player for some reason. Each of the members of the team plays some specific roles. So, as per the roles, I executed my duties. In fact, without the participation of any team members, it was not possible for the team to bring the victories though they are less in number. Besides, with the participation of all the team members, a team moves ahead to success. Playing in a team is also enjoyable in many aspects. Therefore, I became a part of my school football team.  

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