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Wrong information – Speaking Part 3 Follow Up Questions

Followups question:-

Question: – Does an individual provide inappropriate information to someone in your county?

Answer:- well, my country India most people understand the situation of others. Although, few people of my nation provide incorrectly or information to those people who are new to any particular city and do not about properly. For example, my uncle is a very jolly nature person and sometimes he provides incorrect rode information to visitors. Due to it, visitors face a lot of problems during the little joke.

Question:- do you ever got any kind of incorrect information on the phone call?

Answer:- it is a very interesting question, in my life I received a huge of wrong information on the call. Some information related to jobs, beauty salon service, different types of exhibitions, related to film stars, some government facilities and so on. 2 days ago, I received the wrong information related to the free beauty salon service. When I visited there and asked the receptionist. What types of free facilities provide to customers. Then, she told me we have a combo pack of 1000 but, I think you receive the wrong information related to my beauty salon. That time, I felt very disappointed and embarrassed because I wasted my precious time.

Question:- in the contemporary era, what kinds of wrong information provided on the social site?

Answer:- definitely, in the 21st century, all people depend on the internet and some people also do online jobs as well as, business. Due to it, sometimes, they receive wrong and incorrect information related to different things such as fake online jobs. in it, any fake company provides incorrect information and collects a huge amount of money as a partnership. After it, they show another agreement. Moreover, it also provides incorrect information related to beauty products, study abroad, free education classes and so on.

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