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Arriving on Time – Part 3 Follow Up Questions

Question:- In what kinds of situations should people arrive early?

Answer:- According to my point of view, there are a plethora of occasions when a person ought to have arrived very early such as in an examination, interview, meeting and so on. When people arrive easily on their destination, they could feel comfortable with the situations or conditions which perhaps help them to perform better.


Answer:- According to me, all people should arrive early on time like an official meeting, exam, job interview, performance reviews. With it, students are concerned about punctual during school time and classes.

Question: When do you think people should arrive on time?

Answer: As I have told you before that in interviews, meetings, examinations, appointments and so on occasions, the human being has to arrive on the time.

Question: Why do people need to be on time?

Answer: Well, according to my point of view, folks should be on time in order to prevent from being late for an interview, appointment, examination and so on. That’s why people should arrive on time.

Question: Do you think doing nothing means a waste of time?

Answer: Well, when a person has free time then he or she can do anything such as reading a book, listening to music, hang out with friends, shopping, learning language and so on. But sometimes, when a human feels fatigued or tired then he could relax as well as take a nap and this not a waste of time.

Question: Do you think if it is important to be punctual?

Answer: Yes, of course, it is really important because of a punctual person can achieve a peak of glory in his life by doing all the works at the correct time. Only a punctual person can attend appointments, meetings, examinations and so on.

Question:- Do you like to arrive on time?

Answer:- Definitely, I always prefer to arrive at the proper time because I am a very punctual person and I like to reach on time. With it, punctuality is good habits as well as, when we arrive early at any particular place then we easily adjust in that environment and, feel happy and stressfree.

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