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In order to improve a country’s education system

In order to improve a country’s education system, young students should be allowed to openly criticize their teachers during class time. Do you agree with this ?

What are some other ways education systems could be improved ?

Sample Answer:

Education is indispensable to individual and society, hence, it should be kept ameliorating. It is often argued that juveniles should have the option to pour scorn on their teachers while they are teaching in order to upgrade the educational system. However, I vehemently against this statement as it could lead to unwanted consequences. I believe that the class strength should be reduced and quality training should be imparted for each student.

If children will be given license to challenge and pick holes in their teachers’ knowledge during the class, then it might affect the quality of lesson being taught. Moreover, such practice can waste precious teaching time of those students who usually pay respect to their teachers. In addition to this, the emotional bonding between the teachers and the students will become weak as learning can only occur when there is a feeling of respect for the teacher. For instance, in case of criticizing teacher will feel insulting and disrespect towards themselves, as a result, teachers will pay less attention and care for their students. Furthermore, students will not get mental support and psychological guidance from their teachers. Therefore, it is pivotal that teachers should be respected by students of all ages.

In order to improve the education system, we should make some criterias to restrict the strength of the classrooms and focus on each and every child’s requirements. Withal, if the teachers are well trained, they know the psychological aspects of teaching young children and thus, our education environment would be better served. However, if students observe some impolite and discourteous behavior from a teacher then there should be a system or committee where juveniles can approach and do complaint. Filling up of feedback form as an instance would be a considerable idea. Students can be asked to fill up the form regarding quality of teaching and teachers’ behavior to lift up the educational system to next level. All the formalities should be accomplished secretly so that all the perspectives can be achieved and teacher also will not feel disrespected.

Conclusively, to recapitulate, permitting the students to criticize their teachers which can result in improvement of the education system, is a rampant move. Instead, we should reduce the class strength, so that individual attention can be given to all, which ultimately improves the quality of the educational system.


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