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Without capital punishment our lives are less secure and crimes of violence increase.


You should write at least 250 words.

Without capital punishment (the death penalty) our lives are less secure and crimes of violence increase. Capital punishment in essential to control violence in society.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

You should write at least 250 words.

You should use your own ideas, knowledge and experience and support your arguments with examples and relevant evidence

Model Answer 1 (Band Score 8)

Before talking about the essential role of the death penalty, you have to think about the meaning, and the purpose, of any kind of punishment. If you consider that the purpose is to prevent the guilty from being nasty again, you can be seduced by argumentation in favour of the suppression of capital punishment. But you have to think about another aspect of the problem: a punishment is also useful to impress people, to make them fear the law. In fact, let’s take the example of a young misfit, which has grown in a violent atmosphere, influenced by older delinquents, etc.. He lives in the streets, he’s got no aim but to survive. This is the kind of person who could possibly kill someone for money, or even for fun… Why would he fear prison? Life would be easier for him there.

In addition, in many cases, when you behave normally, you can benefit from penalty reductions. This young misfit needs to be impressed, he needs to know that the law is a frontier. When you cross it, you can lose your life. That is why capital punishment helps to keep a distance between robbery and murder. If you abolish it, you suppress the difference between these two types of crime, which are completely different. But there is also a limit to define: even if the death penalty is unavoidable, it would be a crime to apply it to inadequate cases. If there is no premeditation or past facts which can justify such a punishment, it is far too strict to apply the death penalty.

That is why the lawmakers have to establish precisely the context in which capital punishment car be pronounced. That is the price to pay to limit violence without using excessive violence…

Model Answer 2:

Nowadays, the crime rate is accelerating according to many surveys. To rein this situation, there should be a mechanism in place like jail for lifetime and death penalty based on the severity of the crime. The government should enforce such laws to create a high alert around the society and endorse a secure ruling to its people.

Many incidents are the best examples of imbalanced society values in the recent days. Those are like killing someone’s own mother or a plan to murder the best friend due to immaturity. If there is no mechanism to stop such kind of incidents would severely impact the society livelihood. Hence, capital punishment is mandatory to implicate a fear among the people who create such violence and which ensures the peaceful life of innocent people.

In fact, I believe the death penalty is the only way to punish the criminals as they commit serious crimes which directly aid in controlling the violence at least to some extent. For instance, recently a group of five men brutally raped and murdered a woman in the broad daylight. Due to that, the high court had punished death penalty to that group which has created a sensation as the capital punishment is very rare in my country and social volunteers said the crime rate is gradually decreasing after that incident. Thus, violence is effectively controlled if the capital punishment is endorsed by a society.

In some society, the crime is so violent and severer that the government and the law enforcing authority have to handle that strictly. As a result, they do not have any alternative other than imposing capital punishment.  Capital punishment gives a message that you won’t be given any second chance if you commit a serious crime like murdering someone. This message is strongly needed in some society to control the crime rate. Without capital punishment, you can’t ensure that the same criminal won’t commit the crime again. You can’t actually control the crime and severe lawbreaking with the minor punishment in all of the countries. The theme that someone who murdered another human will regret someday and after few years would lead a dignified and free life when the relatives and family members of the victim would remorse forever.  What punishment do you have in your mind if someone is a psychopathic killer and is out of redemption? Minor punishment and reformation facility? This does not just make sense.

To summarise, capital punishment is important to bring down the crime ratio and to also provide the secured life. Otherwise, ambience in the society will disturb which is not recommended for the common man. Hence, it is advisable to imply such punishment which leads a peaceful life with less violence in these days and also in the future.

Model Answer 1: [Agree]

Many people believe that the death penalty is necessary for serious offenders to keep our society safe and for the country to function and advance. While such punishments might seem cruel and inhuman to some, I sincerely believe that without capital punishment, our society will become unsafe for ordinary citizens and vulnerable to brutality and crime.

To begin with, our society has laws and punishments so that ordinary citizens can live without fear and violent individuals are kept away from creating havoc. Thus when we talk about a burglar who has stolen more than once, we have a prison sentence for such crime and he is given an opportunity to repent and come clean after he serves the prison time. However, when we talk about a pathological criminal who is a serial killer or has an obsessive-compulsive disorder to rape child, they are beyond correction and should never be allowed to be able to harm a single innocent soul in our watch. For such capital offences, we need to have capital punishment to make our society secure and safe.

Moreover, I believe that capital punishment is necessary as it is an effective deterrent of many major offences. According to many, the best method to keep crimes under a tolerable level is to show people the consequences of their misconducts and felonies. For example, many Asian countries, including Singapore, have controlled the drug trafficking and drug dealing by enforcing death penalties for such offenders. The result of it was astounding and all of those countries have alleviated the drug trafficking and drug dealing problems to a staggering lower level.

To conclude, despite some sentiments against capital punishment, I believe that it proves out to be the best method to make our society a far better place to live in.

Model Answer 2: [Disagree]

Many people believe that the death sentence is necessary to counter the violence and maintain peace in society. However, I believe that there are better alternatives to curb the crime rates and the death penalty is inhuman in a civilised world.

According to many, the death sentence is the only way to make an example to deter others from committing heinous crimes. They believe that serious offenders are like worms in a righteous society and should not be given a second chance. However, for both ideas- in and against capital punishment, several research works have been conducted, and the findings indicate on the contrary. It is interesting to note that countries that have implemented capital punishment still have a higher crime rate than those countries that have abolished it. Besides, I personally believe that we do not have the right to kill a human being as this would be another crime.

Thus it is only rational to suggest that counselling and educating criminals in prisons could be a great way to converts criminals to good human beings. Norway, where the crime rate is lower than most other countries in the world, is a great example of how proper counselling can change criminals. Moreover, we have to deal with the core factors of crimes and their backgrounds, give people economic freedom and tackle pressing issues in society to reduce crime rates. A society with a strong economy and educated members has lower crime rates and that is what we should be working on to achieve. Finally, we can replace capital punishment with life imprisonment for repeat-offenders and heinous criminals who are beyond corrections.

To conclude, persuaded by what has been discussed as well as compelled by what I have learnt and experienced, I would like to reiterate that capital punishment can not reduce the crime rate in the long run and it is inhumane to kill someone for his/her crime.


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