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Discipline is an ever increasing problem in modern schools. Some people think that discipline

“Discipline is an ever increasing problem in modern schools. Some people think that discipline should be the responsibility of teachers, while others think that this is the role of parents. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.”

Sample Answer:

Discipline in schools has become a growing concern in recent years, with many people debating whether it is the responsibility of teachers or parents to instill discipline in students. Both sides of the argument have valid points, and it is important to consider the perspectives of each before forming an opinion.

Those who believe that discipline is the responsibility of teachers argue that educators are in a position of authority and influence over students for a significant portion of the day. They argue that teachers should be able to maintain order and discipline in the classroom, as it is essential for creating a conducive learning environment. Additionally, they argue that teachers are trained professionals who should have the skills and strategies to manage student behavior effectively.

On the other hand, proponents of the idea that discipline is the role of parents argue that children’s behavior and attitudes are primarily shaped at home. They believe that parents are the primary caregivers and role models for their children, and therefore, it is their responsibility to instill discipline and values in them. They argue that teachers can only do so much, and the foundation of discipline should be established at home.

In my opinion, both teachers and parents play crucial roles in shaping a child’s behavior and discipline. It is unrealistic to expect teachers to bear the sole responsibility for discipline, as they are not with the students for the majority of the day. Similarly, parents cannot absolve themselves of responsibility and expect teachers to handle all disciplinary matters. Instead, there should be a collaborative effort between teachers and parents to ensure that students receive consistent messages about the importance of discipline and behavior.

In conclusion, while there are valid arguments on both sides, I believe that both teachers and parents should share the responsibility of instilling discipline in students. It is through a collaborative effort that the best outcomes can be achieved for the students’ overall development.

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