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Everybody should be allowed admission to university study programs regardless of their academic

“Everybody should be allowed admission to university study programs regardless of their academic ability”

Sample Answer:

Admission to university study programs is a privilege that should be earned through hard work and dedication. Therefore, I disagree with the statement that everybody should be allowed admission regardless of their academic ability. There are several reasons for this stance.

Firstly, university study programs are designed to challenge and educate students at an advanced level. If individuals with low academic ability are admitted, they may struggle to keep up with the rigorous coursework, leading to frustration and a waste of resources. This could also have a negative impact on the overall learning environment, as students with varying academic abilities may find it difficult to collaborate effectively.

Secondly, admission based solely on factors other than academic ability, such as personal connections or financial status, would be unfair to those who have worked hard to achieve high academic standards. It would undermine the value of academic excellence and discourage students from putting in the effort to excel in their studies.

Furthermore, admitting students with low academic ability could also devalue the qualifications earned by those who successfully complete the university study programs. Employers and society as a whole rely on the credibility of academic qualifications to assess the skills and knowledge of individuals. Allowing individuals with low academic ability to obtain the same qualifications without meeting the necessary academic standards would be detrimental to the credibility of these qualifications.

In conclusion, while it is important to provide equal opportunities for education, admission to university study programs should be based on academic ability to ensure the quality of education and the value of qualifications. This approach encourages students to strive for excellence and maintains the integrity of academic institutions.

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