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The values we gain from our parents and family have more influence over our future success than any

“The values we gain from our parents and family have more influence over our future success than any skills or knowledge learned in school. To what extent do you agree or disagree?”

Sample Answer:

Growing up, we are often taught that education is the key to success. While this is true to some extent, the values instilled in us by our parents and family play a significant role in shaping our future. In this essay, I will discuss the influence of family values compared to skills and knowledge learned in school on our future success.

Firstly, the values passed down by our parents and family members are deeply ingrained in our character and decision-making process. For example, if a child grows up in a household that values hard work, perseverance, and integrity, they are more likely to embody these qualities in their personal and professional lives. These values can shape their work ethic, resilience in the face of challenges, and ability to maintain strong relationships, which are all crucial factors in achieving success.

On the other hand, while schools provide us with essential knowledge and skills, they may not necessarily teach us the values that are fundamental to success. While academic achievements are important, they do not guarantee success in the real world. Employers often seek individuals who not only possess the necessary skills and knowledge but also demonstrate qualities such as teamwork, leadership, and adaptability – qualities that are often developed through family values.

Furthermore, the support and guidance provided by our family during our formative years can greatly impact our future success. A nurturing and supportive family environment can instill confidence, ambition, and a sense of security in individuals, enabling them to pursue their goals with determination and resilience.

In conclusion, while education equips us with essential skills and knowledge, the values we gain from our parents and family have a profound influence on our future success. It is the combination of both that ultimately shapes an individual’s success in life.

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