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A person you know who has new, creative ideas or opinions

Talk about a person you know who has new, creative ideas or opinions.

  • Who this person is?
  • How do you know this person?
  • What interesting idea he/she gave?
  • Explain why it was important.

You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.

Sample Answer 1

Well, I am lucky to have so many people in my life who has some interesting, creative ideas and opinions. However, here I would like to talk about one of them Mr. Manpreet Singh. I personally believe that he has enough knowledge about anything or any aspect.

He is my best friend and his age is nearly 35 years. If I am talking about his physique, he has a round face and brown eyes. Although he is tall and Slim, he looks very handsome. Interestingly, one thing that I like most about him is that he is health conscious and do hard work to keep his body fit and healthy.

In the presence of time, he runs his own business in web designing and development. I found that he has great knowledge about different aspects, such as religion, politics, history, health, home remedies as well as computer software and hardware. With the Help of this knowledge, he turned his business into an international level and achieve huge success in it.

In addition to it, he always surprised me to show their innovative ideas. For example, recently I visited at his home, I saw a beautiful piece of furniture in his house. Then he told me that, he made this furniture on his own with the help of waste car tires. I was so surprised to see that, because, he utilized the wastage in a proper way.

Moreover, he is a good advisor also. He never gives any statement before analyzing both aspects. In other words, he goes to the depth of the fact then gives his opinion. Last but not least, some other people also came to him for advice because he always gives better advice to others. So that’s why I think he has interesting ideas and opinions.

Sample Answer 2

Well, I have met with many persons in my whole life who have interesting ideas or opinions. So I would like to talk about one of them. That person’s name is Lovepreet. He is my childhood friend. We usually talk to each other via phone and sometimes we meet face-to-face. We did Study together from the first standard to the twelth class in the same school. In the present scenario, he is a doctor by profession.

If I talk about his physique then he is tall but looks very handsome. His hairs are black as well as he has blue sparkling Eyes which attracts everyone. Apart from it, his dressing senses are really very good. On the other hand, if I talk about his qualities, then, he is down to earth person and punctual. He gives respect to his elders. A Special thing of Lovepreet that attracts me most is his honesty.

In addition, he is a good advisor because many times I get advice from him. For instance, I remember the time when he helped me to select the best option for me related to my profession. At that time I was in dilemma to choose course after my 12th standard. Then, he advised me to take a computer application course because he knew that create interest in computer studies. So I am very thankful to him because that advice has proved beneficial for me.

Apart from it, he has good knowledge of some fields such as home remedies, genetically modified crops and so on. Once a week, we meet at his home. And at that time we shared our views and opinions with each other. If I find some problems in any particular area, then, I like to get advice from him. Many times he motivates me and encourages me to achieve my goals.

In the present time, he has been working in a hospital as well as whenever he has free time, likes to do a medical check-up of persons of my village. He advises them to do exercise. All in all, he is a person who has good opinions and ideas. I can trust him because he always gives me good advice. I wish May he lives long.

Sample Answer 3

We all are, at some point, in our lives effected by the opinions of others. It eventually broadens our viewpoint and thinking process. The topic reminds me of our school’s Psychology teacher whose influential opinions affected me the most. Her name was Ma’am Pooja and she was quite admired among her students mainly due to her optimistic attitude towards life and the way in which she gave her personal suggestions and recommendations while teaching, making the students comfortable in any situation. Her cheerful nature was absolutely remarkable.

As I told earlier, Ma’am Pooja was my Psychology teacher at school but she was also one of my closest friend’s mother. With time, I started discussing my confidential matters with her. She taught me to keep a positive view towards life and with her help and guidance I was able to improve my confidence substantially.

This all started when once I went to visit my friend and I had a low spirit that day regarding my choice of career. My parents wanted me to pursue my profession in Chartered Accountancy, while I was interested in Photography. She guided me to speak to my parents about my passion in this field and gave me a brilliant idea of taking them to an International Photography Event that was being conducted in my city. This helped me change their perspective towards this profession. Since that day, I constantly take Ma’am’s advice related to many things without hesitation. I’m extremely grateful to her guidance because of which today I’m a widely known Photographer of my country. Had I not followed her advice, I wouldn’t have achieved what I have so far.

Sample Answer 4:

The most interesting person I know is my childhood friend Arvind. I know him since the first grade and since then we have been together. He is also the most intelligent person I know. He is a complete all-rounder and excels in everything he partakes in.

He is the monitor of our class as well as the captain of our school football team. He has won several accolades and has made his family proud. Obviously he has so many traits but the one quality which I like the most about him is his way of thinking. He always tries to think out of the box. He always tells me that a person should never stop learning whatever his age might be because the day we stop learning is the day we stop growing as an individual.

His ideas and opinions always challenge the normal rules of the society and the reason behind that is his inquisitive nature. And because of this unorthodox thinking he is sometimes considered a bit of an iconoclast. He always has questions about everything and likes to get to the bottom it. He is not the one to take things on their face value and does not easily accept it if it does not make sense to him. He often argues with his parents on several topics and I have to say sometimes his arguments are hard to beat. Sure he argues but he ensures that he does not cross the line by disrespecting his parents.

I particularly enjoy the discussion between him and one of his uncles who is a deeply religious person. Whenever he comes to their place it is inevitable that a conversation would start between these two around some religious topic and it would last for couple of hours. These conversations are entertaining as well as enlightening.

His uncle is never affronted by his inquiries, on the contrary, he is impressed by his ability to question and learn. Since he asks a lot of questions he has developed a perspective about almost everything. He is a sports fanatic and it is almost impossible to win an argument on sports against him.

Once I accidentally mentioned that our cricket team captain should be dropped from the team because of his recent failures. The word dropped was enough to get him started after which he gave me a 15 minutes long lecture countering my opinion and at the end of which he managed to convince me otherwise.

Sample Answer 5

Well, frankly speaking, I know so many persons who have great opinions and thoughts. however, here I would like to talk about one of them Mr. Jaideep Singh. I personally believe that he has enough knowledge about anything.

Apart from it, he is my husband’s friend and his age are near about 40+. he is running his own business. Although he is too tall and slim, he looks handsome. interestingly, one thing that I like most about him is that he is health conscious and do hard work to keep himself fit as well as, healthy.

Moreover, He started his business at the age of 25 and achieve so many success in it. he also has great knowledge about religion, politics, history, health, and some home remedies as well, whenever I visited his showroom he shared his experience related to his personal life which I found quite interesting.

With it, for example, last week when we sat together he told about his business, how he started with a small shop and turned it into a showroom now. he always shared only those ideas which motivate others. he is a good advisor also. he never put an unfair opinion on anything.

Furthermore, firstly, he goes to the depth of the fact then gives his opinion. Apart from it, he gives advice to some other people through seminars that how to live glad and healthy. So, that’s why I think that he has captivating ideas and opinions.

Sample Answer 6

Well, in daily life I meet a lot of people who have loads of amazing ideas and different views. but here I would lie to talk about one of them Mr. Virat Verma. He is my best friend. even though his age is 21. He has a round face and looks handsome.

I know about him since my first day of school. I remember that day when we met the first time and that day was 6th standard admission day. That time we came with parents.

Still, we are the best friend and, whenever I’m stuck in any type of trouble then, I call him to get an idea to how to solve the problem. interestingly, he always gives me the best idea and opinion.

The most important thing, he could think of any idea just in a blink of an eye. Once, I wanted to start any types of business and, I asked him about that. Surprisingly, at the spot, he told me above 7-8 business such as online shopping, web design, gym, cafe, construction business, photography business, beauty salon and spa, and so on. With it, he also gave me proper knowledge about each and every business.

Moreover, my mother also shares all matters with him because he is a very honest person as well, he easily understands everyone trouble. He also does a wonderful job in the government bank and he is casher.

According to my viewpoint, he is a very important person in my life and, whenever I think about him I fell amazing because he is my best friend. He always stands with me in any situation. At last, I always feel proud of him for his innovatively thinking and thankful for god for having such an amazing friend.

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