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Ideas or opinions – Speaking Part 3 Follow Up Questions

Follow Up Questions–

Question: Do you think adults often have more opinions than older ones?

Well, according to my point of view, older persons have more opinions than mature persons because they have different types of experiences. Also, senior citizens have faced many ups and downs in their entire life. They can know or solve a complication in a better way. However, adults solve their problems through their own smart ideas and opinions.

Question: Do your parents have interesting ideas or opinions?

Yes, of course, they have. In actuality, my father is a retired army officer and my mother is a fashion designer. So, they both are well-educated and able to provide good opinions or ideas to others.

Question: Is it beneficial to get advice from a person who have good opinions?

Yes definitely it is fruitful because such the advice are proved like a boon for us.Through it, we can solve our problem in easy way. Also, we can consider both aspects negative and positive, of a thing by getting advice from a wise person.

Question:- Can we solve real-life problems?

Answer:- According to me, smart and intelligent people are good at solving real-life problems. Moreover, real-life troubles are different as compared to textbook stories, movie because in this we know about answer and solutions. For example: In mathematics book, we know how to solve the problems as well as, in these answers also provided at the end of the book. But, in real life, it is not possible. In the real world, all situation and conditions are not the same but, when the trouble is the same then, time, place, people and situations are different. Sometimes we solve real-life problems with someone or alone.

Question:- Do you choose the right people for the correct ideas or opinions?

Answer:- When it comes to solving problems, it is quite impossible to choose anyone for a good idea and views. At that time we discuss the number of people and everyone gives ideas according to their thinking level. Moreover, sometimes we select the proper person to get the best idea or opinion otherwise, we take the wrong decision and, feel bad in the future.

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