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Describe a famous product from your local region

Describe a famous product from your local region.

You should say:

  • What is it?
  • How it is made?
  • Why it is popular?
  • And explain what you think of it.

You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you’re going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.

Sample Answer 1

Well, I belong from India which is a diverse country. Also, India is famous for its unity in diversity. Different products are available in different regions in India which are popular between persons. So here I would like to talk about one of them. Actually These are Pashmina shawls. It is one of the popular products in my hometown. I describe it briefly.

Pashmina is a popular type of wool. It is one of the main tradition of Kashmir. Interestingly, Its textiles are first woven in Kashmir. These shawls are made from a fine type of cashmere wool.

In addition to it, after weaving Pashmina shawls, these are transported to the valley of Kashmir in northern India, where it is entirely hand processed.

It includes all steps from combing and spinning, to weaving and finishing. To be honest, this work takes more time rather than other products. It is entirely carried out by hand by dedicated craftsmen and women.

Apart from it, The major center of Pashmina fabric production is the old district of Srinagar. Surprisingly, it takes the time of 180 hours from its weaving to transporting.

Moreover, Pashmina shovels come in beautiful vibrant colors and have exquisite embroidery on them.

Actually, in the present scenario, I have been living in Punjab for the last 15 years. During the winter season in Punjab, shovel sellers come to Punjab in order to Pashmina shawls. Last year, I also bought a red-colored Pashmina shovel from a seller. I wore it to keep my body warm. Really, it prevented me from cold and chilly winds.

I believe that pashmina shovels are the best option that can keep you warm and are also known for their softness. Overall, this is a famous product in India which I like to wear. When foreigners visit India, they also buy this type of product. So this is a popular product in my home town.

Sample Answer 2:

As India is a diverse country, different varieties of products are available in different regions. There are many products, which are popular in my hometown which include accessories, clothes, and even footwear. Many products are used as souvenirs by tourists and many of them are used to gift one another by the local people too.

One such product which is made in my hometown is ‘Phulkari’ which means flower craft. It is usually done on a piece of cloth and this cloth varies in material from silk to georgette. Phulkari is done on many items such as a long piece of cloth such as a scarf, or on footwear. Many different colors are usually incorporated in it, mainly consisting of bright colors like blue, red and pink.

Nowadays it is even done in black and white colors too. Sometimes to beautify it mirrors are added and it is made more glittery. I would like to tell about phulkari on a long scarf. Different colors are symbolic of different occasions like red and blue are usually used by newly wedded brides, pink is mainly for young girls. It is a long piece of cloth used by women which is also wide enough to usually cover the shoulders and is also used to cover the head.

It is also given as a gift. It used to be made by hand by craftsmen in earlier times but nowadays modern textiles are also opened which make these. It is made of thick fabrics especially a thick cotton fabric, which is kept as a base. A certain type of material is selected and then embroidery is done with colorful threads in different patterns. Some of these have embroidery all over the cloth while others have it just on the sides.

It is symbolic of traditional methods of doing the craft by the local people and it holds importance in weddings and important occasions. Not only it carries traditional importance but also provides financial support to the region because of its popularity among people to buy it. Using these kinds of traditional products is like taking the legacy from generation to generation.

Sample Answer 3

India is a country well-known for its culture, which is rich in tradition. It is a diverse and yet amazingly unified country. The people living in different parts of the country have many varied cultures, customs, and traditions.

I come from the state of Punjab, and one of the traditional products of the region is the kurta pajama (for men), or a kurti for women.

I got my first one when I was still a young child, but I still wear them today because they are so comfortable – that’s why I like it so much.
This style of collarless shirt is not only popular in India, but also in many different parts of the world. There are many different types of fabrics available, but linen is probably the most popular and sought-after fabric for a traditional kurta. There are also various styles which are popular nowadays.

For example, there is the straight-cut kurta, which is a loose-fitting top which usually goes down to just above or below the knee. This style is very traditional for men.

But women also like to wear a shorter version of kurta, called a kurti. Traditionally, the kurta was worn with loose pajama, shalwars, or maybe churidars, but nowadays, it’s more common to see people wearing it with jeans.

The kurta is used both for casual and formal occasions, depending on the style and design, so it’s very flexible.

Like I said, the kurta has become popular in many other countries outside of India. For example, in the 1960s and 1970s, in the USA, many hippies used to like wearing the straight-cut version of the kurta. It was thought to be very fashionable at the time.

A traditional kurta does not have a collar. But many variants nowadays feature a stand-up collar, sometimes called a mandarin collar.

The main styles of kurta are the Kali kurta which is like a dress with various different geometric panels in it typically. The front and back feature a couple of rectangular panels normally, and its popular with men and women.

The Bhopal kurta is a loose-fitting version that has pleats positioned at the waist. This makes it flow, so it’s similar to a skirt. Its length varies, typically finishing somewhere between the knees and the ankles, and people normally wear it with straight pajamas.

And then there is the Hyderabadi kurta, which takes its name from the Hyderabad, a former royal state. It’s a shorter version, typically sitting on the waist, and features a keyhole opening at the neck. The Hyderabadi kurta, traditionally, was white, but nowadays people wear all different kinds of colors.

And that’s a very traditional product from my country.

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