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Popular Products – Speaking Part 3 Follow Up Questions

Question: Why do people use imported products?

Answer: People use imported products for many reasons. They are different from local products. So, people buy them just for a change. Secondly, they may want to show off. Some imported products may have better quality, but it may not be necessarily so. Another major reason is that these imported products are now readily available online. People don’t have to go anywhere to buy them.

Question: Do different places have their own popular products?

Answer: Yes, different places have their own products, but these products are now available everywhere. For example, Indian traditional suits have their outlets all over the world. But some things are associated with certain places. For example, Nagpur oranges, Kanchipuram sarees, Lakhnavi chicken Kari, etc.

Question: What food is popular throughout the world?

Answer: All foods are available everywhere. As people have migrated to all parts of the food, their food has also traveled with them. For example, Indian and Chinese cuisines are there all over because Indians and Chinese are everywhere.

Question: Why do people living in different regions like different food?

Answer: This is because places with different climates support the growth of different vegetables and fruits. For example, Indian climate supports spices and that’s why Indian people like spicy food. Similarly, European climate supports potatoes and so potatoes are a prominent part of European diet.

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